Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Tornado Damage Causes Roof Rain Damage

Gaping hole in roof after tornado hit Texas. The large hole left in the roof was made by a tree falling during the tornado. The hole also allowed the rain to co... READ MORE

Can I upgrade my carpet after flooding?

My carpet was ruined during a flood. Can I ask the insurance company to upgrade to wood floors? The short answer is yes. But the insurance company is not going ... READ MORE

Differences in material drying?

What's the difference between a clean water and black water? There are three types of water damages. They used to range from clean, gray, and black water. The n... READ MORE

Rain Flooded This Home

Water Damage in San Antonio Bedroom The rain just kept coming and there was nothing the homeowners could do but watch as it flooded their home. They tried sandb... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Kitchen

Flood Remediation in Alamo Ranch, TXThis home was damaged when a flood started during torrential rain. The flood water had risen to the glass doors and seeped u... READ MORE

Tips to Avoid a Flooded Foyer

Foyer flooded after a rain storm. Right outside the foyer of your home is usually an awning of sorts. Sometimes it is built in with the home and other times it'... READ MORE