Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

How did mold get in my closet?

Mold Damage in San Antonio, TX.This home closet had an expensive mold damage from a slow leak in the wall from a pipe. The leak was just enough to allow the mol... READ MORE

Fungus Growing in Alamo Ranch Kitchen

Tear out needed for mold damaged kitchen. The homeowners did not realize the water damage that happened a few days back was going to come back to haunt them. In... READ MORE

Bathroom Mold Remediation, San Antonio Texas

Mold underneath bathroom sink needs remediation. The mold in this bathroom was more extensive than originally thought. The leak caused more than just the bathro... READ MORE

Water Damage turns into Mold Damage

Where there's water damage, there's a possibility of mold damage. The broken tiles on this roof caused a leak that gradually allowed water into this room. The h... READ MORE

Facts about mold in your home.

Why is mold growing in my house? Mold spores are everywhere and get tracked into the house on clothes, shoes, open windows, and pets. There is no way of keeping... READ MORE

How do I get rid of mold?

Facts about mold removal in Alamo Ranch, TXMold is an organism that acts very much like a plant. It has a root system, called hyphae, and releases spores when i... READ MORE