Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Flood Damage Repair

Flood waters were pushed into this home by storms that recently affected our area. The floors and walls were damaged. We needed to dry out the home and used equipment such as this air scrubber to aid in the process.

Drying Equipment In Place

When storms pushed flood waters inside this home, we were there in no time putting equipment, such as this scrubber in place to dry up the water so that we could repair the damage caused to the home.

Flood Damaged Home

When storms came through the area causing flash flooding, water came inside this home and pooled in this entryway. In this photo you can see equipment placed in this room to help mitigate the damage.

Tornado Damage to Home

This home was damaged by a tornado that recently affected the area. The roof was damaged and water entered the home causing damaged to floors and walls. In this picture you can see we have begun containment on this home.

Bathroom Flooded By Storm

This bathroom was flooded when a tornado pushed water from flash flooding inside the home causing a lot of damage. We were able to remove all the water and repair all of the damage caused by this water intrusion. 

Bedroom Flooding

We had severe storms in the area recently that spawned some tornadoes that did a lot of damage. This home was flooded when those storms caused flash flooding to occur and the water came inside.

Condo Flooded By Storm

This condo had suffered a loss when a tornado recently came into the area and caused the flood damage you see pictured here. Storms can cause large amounts of damage, but we are always ready to help you get your home back after the disaster.