Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Job Containment

Containment is a key element when performing a mold remediation. This home suffered a serious mold loss and we were quick to make sure containment barriers were put into place before beginning the remediation process.

Mold Due to Water Intrusion

This home had a substantial amount of mold growing in this room due to a water intrusion. Our highly trained team of professional technicians are well equipped to handle this sort of situation. So, if you have a mold problem like this, call us!

Kitchen Mold Removal

The kitchen in this picture had a mold problem and the homeowner called us to take care of it. We brought in the necessary equipment and our team of trained professionals and restored this kitchen in no time.

Mold Removal

This home had a severe mold loss that required a highly involved remediation process. As you can see we cut out the affected drywall among other things during our demo process. When we were done the customer was very happy to have his home back.

Mold Behind the Toilet

This bathroom had a moisture problem due to a malfunctioning toilet. Upon removing the toilet, we discovered the mold you see pictured here. We removed the mold and repaired the damage faster than the customer expected!

Air Scrubber Ready to Go

When you have a mold loss, there are a number of ways we address the contaminants in the air such as containment barriers and air scrubbers like the one pictured. The purpose of an air scrubber is to remove the contaminants from the air.